Power of she gathering: HEALING THE HEART with Reiki + Tarot | sat 2/10 | 1-2p | Athleta oak st

Celebrate love in a unique way this month by joining us at Athleta Oak Street for Reiki and Taro card readings! Brand Ambassador Angie Starz will be offering mini Reiki sessions.

Reiki is an energy healing method that promotes healing by activating the relaxation response in the nervous system to assist the subtle body in finding balance and well-being. It is offered by placing hands in several positions on or above the body based on your individual needs. These 5-10 minute sessions will focus on supporting you in coming back to your center (heart), shedding any negative imprints around love and creating more space in the body and mind to give and receive love.

In addition, get a love-themed tarot card reading from Kaeli Winberg. Kaeli is an intuitive tarot reader with nine years of experience. Her readings help bring your subconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to your conscious awareness to provide spiritual guidance. Ask for guidance about self-love and compassion or your romantic love life.

This event is first come, first serve, so register now and get to the store a little early to ensure your spot.

Investment: FREE

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Restore + reveal Your soul | sat 2/24 | 2-4p | zen yoga garage

Join Angie Starz and Cindy Luffred for an incredible afternoon of soul discovery and healing featuring: restorative yoga, meditation, Reiki and Aura photograhy.

We'll begin with a short conversation about the subtle body, your Aura. Then, Angie will guide a restorative yoga session incorporating breathwork and meditation taking you into a state of total relaxation. Once relaxed, you'll step into a private session with Cindy, a healer and Aura photographer, who will take a photograph revealing your Aura - this polaroid photo is yours to take home with you. You'll enjoy some time discussing what your Aura has revealed and be given specific feedback on how to restore your soul. To cap it off, you'll settle back into a guided integration and Reiki energy healing session with Angie.

Space is limited to 15 people.

Investment: $50 (includes yoga session, Aura photography and coaching and Reiki. The cost of a typical Aura Photography session alone is $50.)

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chakra meditation + mala making | sat 3/3 | 3-6p | beadniks

Join Beadniks and guest Meditation Teacher, Angie Starz, for a truly unique experience.  In our time together you will:

  • Learn about the Chakra system which governs the energetic layer of your being
  • Experience a guided meditation to determine which Chakra is in need of most balancing 
  • Create a one-of-a-kind Mala that will support you in finding greater balance and overall wellbeing
  • Leave with a customized Mantra to use in Japa Mala Meditation (you'll learn how to use your Mala in meditation too!)

For the mala portion of the workshop, you will construct your own custom mala (string of meditation beads). Students will be able to select their own beads, which are not included, but will be 20% off on the day of the class. We have a large selection of beads to choose from - gemstones, wood, metal & pearls to name a few. 

Malas will be strung using silk cord and students will learn how to knot in between each bead using tweezers.

Class includes:

  • instruction
  • knotting tweezers
  • silk cord & tassel in the color of your choice  

 Save 20% on any stones, charms or tools purchased on the day of the class. 

Investment: $45 (includes above materials, instruction and 20% off anything else you use to create your Mala)

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Gifts of Embodiment | sat 3/10 | 1:30-3:30p | room to breathe

The physical body is a gift that so many of us take for advantage. We look at the skin we’re in and pick apart the areas that don’t live up to the standards mainstream media has set. We choose to compete and compare. We’re taught to hide for fear of putting ‘too much’ out there. When we sense pain, we ignore it or pop a painkiller. When we feel tired, we push through or chug caffeine. This silent cycle of neglect and abuse can lead to disembodiment and disassociation. Sadly, this usually happens slowly and unconsciously until we don’t even remember what it’s like to be at home in the precious body we’ve been given. 

In this workshop, we start to rekindle one of the most important relationships we have – the relationship with the physical body where the mind and heart reside. Through my signature system that utilizes movement, breathwork, meditation, mindfulness practices and journaling, participants will:

  • Sharpen the skill of awareness
  • Develop stronger proprioception (ability to sense the movement + position of one’s own body)
  • Tap into interoception (ability to sense from the inside out)
  • Get really honest about limiting beliefs surrounding the physical body and begin the process of letting those go
  • Discover the gifts of embodiment they may not have even realized they were missing out on
  • Leave with a customized plan to continue feeling more and more at home in their body

This empowering workshop balances lecture and experience with plenty of space for conversation. It is accessible to all levels and not limited to yoga practitioners.

Investment: $40 (includes interactive workbook and journal)

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Pranayama | thurs 3/22 | 7-9:30p | zen yoga garage

We take close to 26,000 breaths each day.  That's 26,000 opportunities to be more fully alive and support our health and wellbeing.  Pranayama is the ancient yogic practice of guiding the breath, the life force.  When we are conscious of the flow of breath, we have the opportunity to enhance the flow of energy in the body and ultimately increase life force (Prana).  

During this workshop, you will:

  • Explore how Prana moves through the body and how it can get blocked
  • Understand the basics of yoga philosophy behind Pranayama
  • Learn how Pranayama practices scientifically support better health and wellbeing
  • Experience traditional Pranayama practices that can be used on the mat and off
  • Gain a better understanding of your own disposition and how to skillfully choose Pranayama practices to support you as an individual

This workshop will include lecture, light asana, breath-work and a guided meditation.  Suitable for all levels.

Investment: $30 regular, FREE for members

Email Angie at angiestarzyoga@gmail.com to reserve your spot.

The Prana Practice | sat 4/7 | 1:30-3:30p | room to breathe

For thousands of years, mankind has acknowledged that we are more than just physical beings, that we have an inherent relationship with the unseen world around us. Yogis call this relationship an exploration of the energetic body, scientists call it Quantum Physics. Whatever you call it, understanding that we are multidimensional beings is a game changer. Reconnecting with yourself on an energetic level is a life changer.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Engage with the energetic perspective of Yoga and the science that backs it up
  • Gain a better understanding of your energetic anatomy by diving into Yogic philosophy in a totally approachable (and enjoyable!) way
  • Explore practices that build energy, manage energy and heal the energetic body
  • Experience The Prana Practice – a unique blend of movement, breathwork, meditation and relaxation to soothe the energetic body and the nervous system
  • Develop a customized Prana Practice to utilize consistently in order to maintain a healthy relationship with the energetic body

Investment: $40 (includes interactive workbook and journal)

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Meditation exploration | sat 5/12 | 1:30-3:30p | room to breathe

A consistent Meditation practice has a slew of scientifically proven health benefits including increased immune function, decreased stress and the ability to regulate and navigate your emotions. But for
many people a Meditation practice seems unapproachable and unattainable.
In the Meditation Exploration, Angie will:

  • Share the scientific evidence that supports Meditation as a healing modality for the body, mind and heart
  • Break down barriers that hold you back from Meditating
  • Guide a full exploration of different Meditation styles and techniques so that you can find the right fit
  • Help you design a custom Meditation practice that ensures your commitment and encourages tangible results

Investment: $40 (includes interactive workbook and journal)

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