Fab four flow | fri, sept 29 | 6-8p | yoga six milwaukee

John, Paul, George and Ringo are credited with changing and shaping music history (some argue history in general), but did you know that they also played a large part in introducing yoga to the Western World?

Join Angie Starz for an afternoon celebrating yoga and The Beatles. This all levels Vinyasa style class will feature music and lessons from The Fab Four, with a focus on linking breath and movement to beat. Flow on, rock on and learn more about The Fab Four as you travel with The Beatles from mop tops to Maharishi.

Investment: $30

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Pranayama | Thurs, Oct 5 | 7:30-9:30p | Zen Yoga Garage

We take close to 26,000 breaths each day.  That's 26,000 opportunities to be more fully alive and support our health and wellbeing.  Pranayama is the ancient yogic practice of guiding the breath, the life force.  When we are conscious of the flow of breath and are in relationship with the breath, we have the opportunity to enhance the flow of energy in the body and ultimately increase our life force (Prana).  

During this workshop, you will:

  • Explore how Prana moves through the body and how it can get blocked
  • Understand the basics of yoga philosophy behind Pranayama
  • Learn how Pranayama practices scientifically support better health and wellbeing
  • Experience traditional Pranayama practices that can be used on the mat and off
  • Gain a better understanding of your own disposition and how to skillfully choose Pranayama practices to support you as an individual 

This workshop will include lecture, light asana, breath-work and a guided meditation.  Suitable for all levels.

Investment: FREE for Zen Members | $30 Drop In

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stretch, shop + sip for breast cancer awareness | sat, oct 7 | 10-1:30p | yoga six gold coast

STRETCH // Join Angie for Vinyasa at Yoga Six Gold Coast from 10-11:15a.  We'll be graced with a few words from the strong and resilient Ann-Marie Streibich who is currently kicking breast cancer's a*s.  Then, we'll move through a powerful Vinyasa-style class to build strength and resilience, followed by a meditation to send support to those we know affected by breast cancer.

SHOP // After class, we'll take a short walk to Athleta on Oak Street to Shop for a Cause.  10% of all sales will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. To sweeten the deal, Angie has $10 off $75 purchase coupons for you to use!

SIP // While you shop, enjoy some pink drinks (think - Rosé, Pink Mimosas and Pink Sparkling Water) and light bites.  

Investment: STRETCH // Free for Yoga Six Members, $20 Drop In, SHOP + SIP // FREE!*

*come for some or come for all.  Just come to help us raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research.

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Learning to unwind | sat, nov 4 | 1-3p | yoga six Gold coast Chicago

STRESS MANAGEMENT FOR THOSE TIGHTLY WOUND // We can't eliminate the stress of everyday life, but we can be more skillful in managing it. In fact, we often unconsciously make matters worse by holding on so tight to our expectations of what should be instead of relaxing into what is. When a challenge in life is introduced we can choose to work with it or against it. When we resist what is, it persists and amplifies the physiological and physiological stress response system. When we loosen up our grip on how things should be, we can reduce the amount of stress in our lives and skillfully manage the inevitable.

In this workshop, you will:

  • Learn to define stress and determine the difference between positive and negative stress
  • Explore stress management techniques that can diffuse negative situations and shift you from reacting from the sympathetic nervous system to responding from the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Expose habits and behaviors that lock you into feeling overwhelmed, scattered, disconnected, anxious and hopeless
  • Experience yoga practices (asana - physical, pranayama - breath and meditation) to help you unwind even when you're wound so tight you can hardly breathe
  • Outline simple ways to organize your home life, social life and work life that can be implemented immediately to experience less stress
  • Leave with a personalized stress reduction and management plan

Investment: $40

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REflect + Reset: New Years Eve Yoga | sun, dec 31 | 10-11:30a | yoga six gold coast chicago

Join Angie for a very special New Year’s Eve experience. Through movement, breath, meditation and reflection, we’ll reflect the past year and reset for the year to come. During our time together, we’ll get you into your body so that you can get out of your head and trust the wisdom of your heart. The experience will begin with reflection and gentle movement to unearth your intention for the New Year, shift into an accessible and vigorous flow to let go of what’s no longer serving you and culminate with restorative postures and a long Savasana to integrate. 

Investment: $35

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